City Code
Table Of Contents

Chapter 1  Administration
Chapter 2  Airports and Aviation
Chapter 3  Business Regulations
Chapter 4  Fire Regulations
Chapter 5  Health and Sanitation
Chapter 6  Library
Chapter 7  Park and Recreation
Chapter 8  Police
Chapter 9  Public Works
Chapter 10  Utilities
Chapter 11  General Provisions
Chapter 12  Definitions
Chapter 13  Use Types
Chapter 14  Zoning District Regulations
Chapter 15  District AG, Agricultural District
Chapter 16  District RR1, Rural Residential District (Rural Standards)
Chapter 17  Reserved For Future Use
Chapter 18  District RR-2, Rural Residential District (Intermediate Standards)
Chapter 19  District R-1, Urban Residential Single Family District (Low-Density)
Chapter 20  District R-2, Urban Residential Mixed Density District
Chapter 21  District R-3, Urban Residential Multi-Family District (Medium Density)
Chapter 22  District R-4, Urban Residential Multi-Family District (High Density)
Chapter 23  District RM, Mobile Home Residential District
Chapter 24  District UC, Mixed Use Urban Corridor District
Chapter 25  District C-O Office District
Chapter 26  District C-1, Limited Commercial District
Chapter 27  District C-2, Community Commercial District
Chapter 28  District CBD, Kearney Center Mixed Use District
Chapter 29  District C-3, General Commercial District
Chapter 30  District BP, Business Park District
Chapter 31  District M-1, Limited Industrial District
Chapter 32  District M-2, General Industrial District
Chapter 33  Enhanced Standards For High Impact Uses In Sensitive Settings
Chapter 34  Special Districts
Chapter 35  District ICMU, Interstate Corridor Mixed Use District
Chapter 36  District MU, Mixed Use District
Chapter 37  Overlay Districts
Chapter 38  District PD, Planned Development District
Chapter 39  District TND, Traditional Neighborhood Design District
Chapter 40  District RC, Rural Conservation Development Overlay District
Chapter 41  District ND, Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District
Chapter 42  District ND-1, Pioneer Park Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District
Chapter 43  District FP/FW, Floodplain/Floodway Overlay District
Chapter 44  District AV, Aviation Overlay District
Chapter 45  District W, Wellhead Protection Overlay District
Chapter 46  Supplemental Uses Regulations
Chapter 47  Supplemental Development Regulations
Chapter 48  Landscaping And Screening Standards
Chapter 49  Off-Street Parking
Chapter 50  Sign Regulations
Chapter 51  Reserved For Future Use
Chapter 52  Subdivisions: Basic Conditions
Chapter 53  Subdivision Approvals And Procedures
Chapter 54  Subdivision Design Criteria And General Standards
Chapter 55  Circulation System Design
Chapter 56  Public Improvements And Infrastructure
Chapter 57  Improvement Financing And Guarantees
Chapter 58  Nonconforming Development
Chapter 59  Administration And Procedures