City of Kearney
Annual Operating Budget and Program of Services
October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010

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Note:  Acrobat reader is required to view the following budget documents.  (Free Acrobat Reader Download)

Table of Contents

A Guide to Understanding the Budget  (pg 1-8)

Budget Transmittal Letter (pg 9-11)

Organizational Charts (pg 12-22)

Ordinances (pg 23)

Summaries (pg 24-87)

Governmental Funds
        General Fund (pg 88-144)
        Special Revenue Funds (pg 145-164)
        Capital Projects (pg 165-188)
        Debt Service Funds (pg 189-206)

Proprietary Funds
        Enterprise Funds (pg 207-280)
        Internal Service Funds (pg 281-301
Fiduciary Funds
        Pension (and other employee benefit) Trust Funds (pg 302-305)
        Agency Funds (pg 306-309)

Personnel Summary (pg 310-324)
Accounting Summary (pg 325-339)
Glossary (pg 340-348)

Commission & Advisory Board Members (pg 349)